UPDATE! After a crazy day of trying to track them down and a lot of false claims, I have identified the reunited couple!

They are Julia and Adam Cooper of Stonington, CT. I finally found Julia last night- and this is what she told me:

I don’t even have my head organized yet. I was unable to finish- I was at the half mile out point and they stopped the race, I was separated from my friends and knew my husband and friends were all at the finish line waiting for me and that’s when I heard there were 2 bombs at the finish. It was amazing how all the spectators went from cheering to everyone’s heads down to their phones. I thought, no this isn’t happening. All the police officers tipped their heads to one side to listen to their radios. And I thought oh they’re not real they would stop me. And I couldn’t get back to where I knew my family was. It was terrifying.

 We got out of the city last night. There so much pain but the terrorists cant take my run from me because then they win. I didn’t get to finish and I didn’t get my medal, but they don’t get to win. I can’t live in fear because of things that people do.

Last night I got together with the 2 runners that were at the finish line waiting for me, Lara and Karina. When I walked into the restaurant there was an envelope with my name on it at the front desk. I had no idea what it could be. It was a finisher medal. Another runner that finished yesterday wanted me to have it.


So I took this picture today of the “couple reunited,” and it went viral. Something like over 1400 retweets, insane. I just wanted to show one of the many incredible moments of kindness and generosity that i saw today, because there were many.

Everyone is asking me what the deal is so here goes- right after they embraced, i wanted to give them a second alone. then i turned away to talk to someone else, and I lost them in the crowd of people. I didn’t have a photog (beyond my iphone) so i was trying to do it on my own. So I lost them. All i got was one of their first names that was yelled out, and I’m not giving that up right now. 

I don’t mean to be a jerk in the midst of such a nightmare, but please give me a photo credit if you post this online.